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Where to find Australian Shepherd Breeder


There are a number of resources that you can use on your search for a quality Aussie breeder. There are shows and events that you can find that will surely have some breeders around that you can talk to. If you are not up for going to one of these events, you can always rely on the old method of a newspaper. More often than not, people will have advertisements for the puppies that they have. The Internet can also be your best friend if you don’t have access to a newspaper service. Many breeders have an online presence, at least breeders of the 21st century. This should help make it very easy to find a breeder or two that is exactly what you are looking for.

The breeder should not be willing to part with the puppy until they are at least eight weeks of age too, otherwise that can raise a red flag. Any breeder that is willing to give you a puppy younger than that is probably one that you want to stay clear of. The eight week mark is picked for a very specific reason and shouldn’t be tampered with. That is right after they have been weaned and they have got their first set of vaccinations. One last mention, pet shops are deemed inhumane and should not be used to obtain your puppy. By getting your puppy from a pet shop, you are supporting bad behavior from puppy mills and low quality breeders.



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