Training Tips


One of the questions we get from our customers is “What do you do when your dog hears a loud sound?”

The customers concern is that any loud sound will terrify their dog. If you have a puppy you can start right away with praising or rewarding when they hear a loud noise and do not react. That way the puppy associates loud noises as positive.

Remember dogs can distinquish sounds up to 4 times as much as humans. So if it is loud to human it’s definitely loud to dogs.
One event that comes to mind is Fourth of July where you can expect fireworks and many loud noises.

If you know there is going to be any loud noise ahead of time there are things you can do to assist you dog so they are not scared.

Avoid the area and get of town where there are no fireworks being set off.If you can’t get out of town drive to a place where you know there is going to be the least amount of fireworks.

  • Have treats or a toy to distract your dog
  • Have cotton balls available to stick in your dog ears to dampen the noise.
  • If you hear a loud noise cover their ears up with your hands and praise for not reacting.

These are a few suggestions to make it positive for your dog to deal with loud noise. Eventually your dog will not be afraid or associate the noise as a way of them getting a toy or treat.



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