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The Normal Temperature Of A Dog


With a young pup around, accidents are bound to happen. Many problems will be minor and you’ll be able to treat them yourself at home. But for the times when you’ll need assistance, it is best to get yourself on file at a vet clinic as soon as you get your new pup rather than waiting until an emergency arises. This will also allow the vet to become familiar with you and your pup and for you and the vet to become acquainted under normal conditions and not in a stressful emergency situation. This could save you valuable time when you might really need it. Be sure to note the nearest clinic’s business hours and also find out where the nearest 24-hour emergency clinic is and have these phone numbers in an accessible place. It is handy to keep a file or notebook with these numbers and a complete medical history of your pup/dog for your own references at home and as an aid to your vet.

Keep track of all vaccinations, wormings, injuries, illnesses, heat cycles, etc. Take this record with you any time you visit the vet for updating, taking notes in re: treatments, follow-ups etc. And always carry this record with you any time you travel with your dog. Since your dog can’t talk to you and tell you when something is wrong or when he’s not feeling well, it is up to you to recognize signs that indicate illness or injury. Some signs are obvious, but others will be very subtle and only by knowing your dog well will you be able to pick up on them. It is also up to you to decide when you can doctor on your own or when you need to seek medical assistance. Usually, it is better to be safe than sorry, and many potentially major problems can be minimized if detected early and prompt veterinary care is sought.


The Normal Temperature Of A Dog Is 101 – 102.5 Degrees.



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