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Shaving Your Australian Shepherd


Some Aussie owners like to have their Aussies clipped or shaved as an aid to shedding and because they think it makes them cooler in our warm climate. Just remember, a clipped Aussie will still shed because it is the undercoat that sheds and not the length of the hair, and even though the amount of hair shed may be reduced it will not be eliminated. Also, an Aussies coat is not only pretty to look at, but it also serves a useful purpose, it acts as an insulator against both the cold and, yes, the heat. So clipping an Aussies coat will actually cause them to be warmer in the summer heat, especially if left outside all day. If your Aussie gets excessively matted, or if you still want to have your Aussie clipped for your own reasons, please take them to a professional groomer to have the job done. They have the proper equipment to do the job and know how short to take the dog’s coat without injuring his skin or leaving him with enough protection against the elements.



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