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Puppy-proofing Your Home And Yard


Before you bring your new pup home, you should puppy proof your home and yard. Puppies are like babies; they are curious and they teethe, so look around and remove anything that may be an inticement or danger to an inquisitive puppy. Tuck all electrical and telephone cords out of reach. Make sure all loose items like shoes and other chewables are put away where a puppy cannot get to them. Be sure that all laundry detergents, disinfectants, bleach, insecticides, fertilizers, mothballs, antifreeze, human & veterinary medications, and any ant, roach, and rat/mice poisons are securely stored in closed cabinets.

Also be aware that some plants can be harmful, or even deadly, to your pup. These include Philodendrons, Dieffinbachias, English Ivy, Caladium, Poinsettias, and Oleanders to name a few. Look around for sharp objects like nails, staples, pins, etc. While chocolate is yummy to us, it can be toxic and even lethal for your puppy, and remember a plastic bag can suffocate a curious puppy. You should also inspect your yard prior to turning a pup loose to play in it.

Check for all of the above listed things, and also make sure your fencing is secure and that there are no small holes your pup might be able to squeeze through. Be sure your gate shuts tightly, and see if the pup might be able to fit through the sides or underneath it. If he can get his head through, then the body will typically follow. You may also want to consider putting a lock on any gates at this time so no one can accidentally leave it open, or worse yet, open it intentionally because they think your new pup is really cute too! And, of course, if you have a pool, be sure there is absolutely no way the pup can get close to it when you are not around to supervise him.



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