Puppy Chewing


Puppies chew out of natural curiosity and as a way to relieve some of the discomfort associated with teething. Unfortunately, puppies are not discriminating about what they chew on, so it is up to us to direct their chewing in a positive manner. Start by providing your pup with the assortment of toys you previously bought for him. Play with him with these toys and praise him for playing with and chewing on them. If you catch the pup chewing on something other than these toys, immediately tell him ‘NO’, take the undesirable object from him, replace it with one of his chew toys, and promptly praise him. If you find something chewed on after the fact, do not punish the pup.

He will not remember what he has done, and it will only confuse him. Be diligent about keeping your things out of the pups reach and be generous with the toys and chew things you leave laying around for the pup. Puppies also tend to chew on people and your clothing. It is very important to curb this behavior immediately by gently, but firmly, placing your hand around the pup’s muzzle and saying ‘No Bite’. As soon as the pup releases his grip, praise him and encourage proper play by throwing a ball or giving him on of his toys to chew on. Avoid wrestling with your pup and do not in any way encourage him to play aggressively with you.



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