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What Is This “Mini” Aussie That I Keep Hearing About?

The Miniature Australian Shepherd was originated in the United States, just like the full size Aussie did. Australian Shepherds were bred in the late 1800s and in the southwest American region. They were bred from other herding breeds. Later on, several breeders wanted to keep the smaller versions of the Australian Shepherd small. So, they bred them together and made sure to keep it that way. Thus why we now have the “mini” Australian Shepherd that people are talking about. They have become quite the buzz over their lifespan.

This breed can be measured at 14-18 inches where the regular size of the breed can be measured at 18-23 inches. The weight also differs from the full size breed standard as you can imagine. The mini comes in at 20-35 pounds where the full size Australian Shepherd comes in at 35-60 pounds. Obviously most of the time the females are going to be smaller than the males, as is the case with just about most breeds really. The size and shape is about the only difference between the mini Aussie and the Australian Shepherd.

Extremely Energetic

Much like the bigger version of this dog, they are extremely energetic and need an outlet for that energy if you don’t use them as ranch dogs. This outlet more often than not needs to be exercise, no matter what that exercise is. It could be taking them for a walk, a run, or just running around the backyard. They are intelligent and need attention, otherwise they will use those powers for evil! I’m only joking, but they may start to show destructive behavior if they are not kept occupied and happy.

Their Appearance

Red, black, red merle, and blue merle are the colors that mini Aussies and Aussies come in. What is merle you ask? Well blue merle is the color you get when you patches of black on a light blue or gray coat. Red merle are patches of red on a dog that has a silver or buff colored coat. A white or copper trim can be included in any of the colors too. When a dog has one trim color they are considered to be “bi-colored”. When a dog has two trim colors, they are considered “tri-colored”.

Some breeders might try to pass off a mis-marked white Aussie as a rare or valuable dog. That is not true. Mini Aussies have a higher rate of producing mis-marked white babies than many other breeds of dogs. In most cases these mis-marked white mini Aussies are the product of two merle parents. They often have health problems that lead them to be called the fatal white puppies. Even though they might have their problems, they can still make great house pets.

The Coat

These dogs definitely shed, even more so during the fall and spring. They have a medium coat, just like Aussies, and use it to protect themselves while they are facing the harsh conditions of a working ranch. They can easily be groomed by their owners and require less maintenance than long haired dogs.

The Eyes

Mini’s can have eyes that are blue or brown, or they can have them mixed with blue and brown, which is called marbled. There aren’t many dogs that have blue eyes anymore among many of the breeds, but this is one of the few. The blue eyes will come in at either light blue or a medium blue, and anywhere in between. The brown version of the mini’s eyes can range from dark brown all of the way down to light brown.

The Tail

Most of the time, you will see this dog with a docked tail. When they don’t have one, it is because they were born with a long tail and managed to find a breeder that didn’t, which is really rare with this kind of dog.

Dogs are generally going to live a long life and anywhere from 8 years to 14+ years of age. Therefore it should not be a decision that you make lightly. You have to be financially ready to take care of a dog and emotionally and mentally ready to take care of them as well. Minis have become extremely popular over the last few years. Thus, some people are running into problems with their dogs and their lifestyle not meshing.

The minis are just like regular sized Australian Shepherds, they are going to need a lot of attention and exercise. If you are at work all day and you come home and you are busy too, you probably won’t have the time necessary to own and make a mini Australian Shepherd happy. They also need to have at least an hour of exercise every day, otherwise they can use that energy to be destructive, much like a dog of any breed would do.



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