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Microchipping Your Puppy


Microchipping and tattooing are permanent ways of identifying your dog. Tattoos are typically placed on the inner thigh or ear whereas Microchips are inserted under the dogs skin around the area of his upper shoulders. In either case, the method is permanent and therefore if your dog loses his collar or tags, he can still be traced back to you. Other added benefits of chipping and tattooing are that if your dog is stolen, you have a positive way to identify him, and animals with microchips or tattoos cannot be sold to research laboratories without written consent from the rightful owner. The Microchipping system is very extensive with several companies offering worldwide recovery systems if your dog is lost and later found with a Microchip. Your vet can provide you with more details of the different companies and which they recommend. Don’t put it off. Microchip your new pup on his first visit to the vet and log his Microchip number and the Microchip companies number in your dog’s file. Hopefully, you will never need to use it; but, at least if you do, it’s one more way for your dog to find his way home.



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