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How to Socialize Your Puppy


Although it is suggested you limit your pups exposure to the outside world during his first few months, it is extremely important that you begin socializing him during this critical period. You can do this in your own home or in protected ways. Once your puppy is comfortable in his new environment, invite all household visitors to interact with the puppy. Expose him to all types of people, young, old, men, women. Children should sit on the floor when handling a puppy. Encourage the puppy to explore any new situation and verbally praise him when he does. If the pup seems unsure about a situation, provide confidence by talking him through it, but NEVER force the puppy into any situation he feels hesitant about.

Be confident and calm should your puppy become frightened. Avoid soothing or babying the puppy as this may reinforce his fear. Offer a couple of reassuring pats and adopt a happy, confident attitude so you don’t exhibit fear or anxiety yourself! Expose the puppy to as many new things as you can, but take special care that he has a good experience. Gradually introduce him to loud noises (like the vacuum), car rides, grooming, etc. If you have an opportunity to take the puppy to a ‘safe’ environment, a place where you know other dogs don’t frequent or where the other dogs are healthy and current on vaccinations, then by all means take advantage of the situation. It is very important for the pup to interact with other people and dogs outside of his own home.

After he finishes his series of vaccinations (around 4 months), start taking him to any and all new places you can think of. This is a great time to get enrolled into a Kindergarten Puppy Training Class. Check with your breeder for a class in your area.



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