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  • Australian Shepherd Herding

    Australian Shepherds were originally bred to herd livestock, typically sheep. But they will also herd cattle, ducks, geese, hogs, and even children. Herding is an instinctive desire to keep a group of livestock in an organized group and move them in a desired direction. Most Aussies are ‘fetching’ dogs, which means they want to gather their livestock and bring them

  • Show Training & Conditioning

    If you have bought your pup with the intention of showing him or having him shown in the conformation ring, the previous training tips also apply to you. It is very important to have a dog that is well-mannered and well-socialized in the show ring. If the judge cannot see a dog stand still, gait smoothly on leash, and have

  • Tips For Training Your Puppy

    Be consistent! Don’t let your dog do something part of the time, but not other times…Be sure everyone in your household is disciplining the dog with the same rules and commands. Use simple one or two word commands when training or disciplining. Give your command only once. If the puppy does not do what you asked after the first command,

  • Training Tips

    Training Tips

    One of the questions we get from our customers is “What do you do when your dog hears a loud sound?” The customers concern is that any loud sound will terrify their dog. If you have a puppy you can start right away with praising or rewarding when they hear a loud noise and do not react. That way the