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  • 10 Tips To Ensure That Buying a Australian Shepherd Puppy Will Be a Good One!

    10 Tips To Ensure That Buying a Australian Shepherd Puppy Will Be a Good One!

    Your Breeder should be there for the questions you have. From placement to holding you when you have to send their baby to the “Rainbow Bridge”. A good breeder still considers that puppy a part of his or her heart. From day one, to the last breath they take, and they are here to share every moment you want to

  • Microchipping Your Puppy

    Microchipping and tattooing are permanent ways of identifying your dog. Tattoos are typically placed on the inner thigh or ear whereas Microchips are inserted under the dogs skin around the area of his upper shoulders. In either case, the method is permanent and therefore if your dog loses his collar or tags, he can still be traced back to you.

  • The Normal Temperature Of A Dog

    With a young pup around, accidents are bound to happen. Many problems will be minor and you’ll be able to treat them yourself at home. But for the times when you’ll need assistance, it is best to get yourself on file at a vet clinic as soon as you get your new pup rather than waiting until an emergency arises.

  • Spaying Or Neutering Your Puppy

    Unless you have definite plans of showing or breeding your Aussie, please consider spaying or neutering your new pup as soon as possible. (It is best to spay a female before she has her first heat cycle.) Besides making your pet easier to live with by reducing the tendency to roam and eliminating annoying heat cycles, spaying or neutering will

  • Puppy Vaccination Schedule

    As mentioned several times already, it is imperative that you follow the complete schedule of puppy vaccinations recommended by the pups breeder or by your veterinarian. The reason a series of shots is given to a puppy is because no one is quite sure when a mothers natural immunities wear off and when vaccinations can be accepted into the pups

  • Shaving Your Australian Shepherd

    Some Aussie owners like to have their Aussies clipped or shaved as an aid to shedding and because they think it makes them cooler in our warm climate. Just remember, a clipped Aussie will still shed because it is the undercoat that sheds and not the length of the hair, and even though the amount of hair shed may be

  • Australian Shepherd Grooming

    Fortunately, Australian Shepherds are not a ‘high-maintenance’ breed. Other than the basic brushing, nail-trimming, tooth, eye, and ear care, there is not a whole lot involved with keeping them looking wonderful. Like training, grooming is something that should begin right away. A new pup should learn right away that he must accept regular grooming as part of his life. And,

  • Training Your Australian Shepherd Puppy

    You can also begin teaching your new pup manners and basic obedience as soon as you bring him home. Be extra patient with the pup for the first few days as he is getting used to his new surroundings, but be sure to set the ground rules and let the pup know who is boss right from the start. Dogs

  • Housebreaking a Puppy

    Aussies are generally very easy to housebreak. House training should begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. Remember that puppies have small bladders and need to relieve themselves often, and the excitement and nervousness of being in a new environment will probable make the pup have to ‘go’ even more. But, with patience and persistence, you will soon

  • How To Crate Training a Puppy

    Eventually you are going to have to leave the puppy unattended during certain times of the day. In anticipation of this, crate training is a way to provide peace of mind for both you and your pup. If done properly, crate training can provide your pup with a haven-like den where he can go to get away; it will prevent