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  • Australian Shepherd Breed Description

    Australian Shepherd Breed Description

    The Australian Shepherd has been around sine the 19th century where they were used as ranch dogs that could do just about anything. They were used in America and needed to be tough in order to keep up with the rigorous demands that a ranch of that time would provide. The typical work load of a sheep dog like these

  • Choosing an Australian Shepherd

    Choosing an Australian Shepherd

    There are a few things that you should consider before making the decision on which Australian Shepherd you are going to go ahead and buy. That way you know exactly the kind of dog you have in mind before you even visit a breeder. The Age of the Dog Many people are under the impression that all dogs sold are

  • Australian Shepherd Temperament

    Australian Shepherd Temperament

    People all over have realized that the Australian Shepherd is one of the cutest puppies you can get your hands on. The only problem with that is that later on they realize that they might have bit off more than they could chew, or they simply don’t have a lifestyle that matches up with this dog breed. This is why

  • Australian Shepherd Personality

    Australian Shepherd Personality

    The personality of any dog breed is always going to depend a lot on how they are raised and in what environment they are raised. Some Aussies can be extremely outgoing while others are more reserved. If you want an outgoing and social dog, make sure that you socialize them enough when they are young. It is even a good

  • Australian Shepherd FAQs

    Australian Shepherd FAQs

    Below you will find some of the commonly asked questions about Australian Shepherds and the answers to those questions. What Should I Feed An Aussie? The diet of an Aussie can range from things that you buy at the store to things that you make at home. Either way, there are plenty of options on what you can feed them.