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Australian Shepherd FAQs


Below you will find some of the commonly asked questions about Australian Shepherds and the answers to those questions.

What Should I Feed An Aussie?

The diet of an Aussie can range from things that you buy at the store to things that you make at home. Either way, there are plenty of options on what you can feed them. The best way to know if you are feeding them the right kind of food is to look at their behavior around it. If they like it, they will eat it. You can also watch them to ensure they don’t have a food allergy or anything like that too.

Do They Do Well With Cats?

As with just about any breed, if you socialize them with the cats when they are younger, you will have no problems between the two of them.

Are Miniature Aussies the Same As Aussies?

They are not the same kind of dog. The minis might be related to the Aussies, but they are in no way the same dog just smaller. In the future you may see the AKC recognize the minis as their own specific breed.

It doesn’t matter how you are able to get the dog to exercise, whether it be backyard space or walks, you need to ensure that your Aussie gets at least an hour or two a day of exercise. They are a very energetic breed that needs this each and every day. They can even make good running buddies once they are fully grown.

Are They From Australia?

Although there are a variety of rumored lineages, the Australian Shepherd is an American dog breed. The only time this dog breed is found in Australia is when they were exported from America to get there.

Are They Good With Children?

People should never leave small children with animals unsupervised. The fact is, they do make great companions though for the whole family.

Can They Live In The City?

They can live in the city, if the owners are committed to making the effort to spend time with them whenever they are not at work. This breed is extremely devoted and energetic, they need time with their owners and time to exercise.

How Big Do They Get & How Long Do They Live?

Males will usually be a little under two feet at the shoulders, and they come in at a weight that ranges from 45-60 pounds. Females are closer to a foot and a half at the shoulders while weighing in at 35-45 pounds. These are just the averages. They usually live to be 12-15 years old as well.

Why Do I See Some With Docked Tails?

The reason why you might see some with docked tails is because ranchers that own these dogs didn’t want them to get infected from foxtails and other brush ailments. They are never docked for cosmetic reasons.

Do They Have Any Specific Health Issues?

There are always going to be health issues such as hip dysplasia that can affect just about any breed of dog. The Aussie is prone to that along with a few other eye diseases that can be countered by yearly eye exams. Much like other dogs they can also get epilepsy or cancers as well.



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