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Australian Shepherd Temperament


People all over have realized that the Australian Shepherd is one of the cutest puppies you can get your hands on. The only problem with that is that later on they realize that they might have bit off more than they could chew, or they simply don’t have a lifestyle that matches up with this dog breed. This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of learning as much as you can about the breed before making the decision to buy or adopt.

These dogs have a very specific need to use up their energy and their intelligence. Because of this, those who are not using them as ranch dogs are going to need to find a way to bridge the gap. You will have to find other ways to keep the dog occupied physically and mentally. This is where a lot of people don’t realize that the Aussie might not match up with their lifestyle. If you are going to be gone at work all day most days, this might not be the dog for you. They will take their intelligence and energy and pair it with destructive behavior if they don’t get the attention they need.

Most of the time Australian Shepherds are friendly with everyone that they meet unless they sense that something is wrong. But, from time to time, a dog of this breed can become aggressive towards strangers if they are not properly socialized. This dog has a special bond with its owners and will usually be fine with people you are fine with. But, they still have a guard dog mentality, so you may want to be cautious and socialize them when they are young.

The fact of the matter is that most dog breeds are going to end up how you raise them. The environment in which they are brought up will have more to do with their behavior than most things. Just keep in mind that this dog is going to need exercise and attention, along with needing to be properly socialized at a young age. They are a great family and work dog for those of you that own ranches. They are very close to their owners and will be one of the most devoted dogs you have ever met.



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