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Australian Shepherd Hip Dysplasia


EyesEvery single breed is going to have some hereditary defects, it is just a fact of life. The Australian Shepherd’s hereditary defects are mainly hip Dysplasia and a number of eye problems that could occur in the breed as well. We are not saying these are the only two, but more often than not it comes down to one of these two things when something starts to go wrong.

HD is a common problem that is found in a variety of dog breeds, not just the Australian Shepherd. The simple definition is that the dog’s joints have had bad growth. It cannot be narrowed down to one gene either. It is what is called polygenic. That is just a fancy word for saying that it is more than one gene that controls whether or not a dog gets HD over time. Often times the only way to prevent this is on the breeder’s end, making sure they are producing dogs that don’t have it.

This is a problem because HD can lead to the dog being lame. By lame I mean that they will have problems doing the same day to day activities that other dogs do to say the least. Not to mention this can be passed to their offspring too. Dogs can’t get X-rays for the disease until they are at least two years old. This is because the disease is rapid and can occur after the two years even though you got a screening a year ago. The OFA is the organization that you will need to get your X-rays and certification from. They use a very full-proof method and can help you out after your dog is over 2 years old.




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