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Australian Shepherd Eye Problems


EyesThere are a number of eye problems that should be taken seriously that could arise with this breed. The first being PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). It comes from a recessive gene and can end up causing the dog to go blind eventually. This is a bit easier to spot because both the parents need to be carriers of the gene and all of the puppies born from the parents will also have the gene. The dog may not have this disease until they are grown up and you are least expecting it. This is why eye exams once a year are such a good idea for your pup.

They can also run into CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) as a hereditary disease. Many people are under the assumption that their vet can easily diagnose eye problems, when that is usually not the case. A veterinarian ophthalmologist is really who you need in order to diagnose and do screenings for these kinds of eye problems in Aussies. Any dog breed will need to see them, not just Australian Shepherds. These kinds of records should be kept by the breeder of what was done before you bought or adopted the puppy.

One of the few hereditary defects that can be visually seen and noticed is the Iris Coloboma. If you have a dog with blue eyes you are going to be able to see it even more. This defect is basically where the pupil looks like it is extending into the iris area of the eye. This is especially devastating in show dogs because the pupil area has to be perfect. Although this defect doesn’t really harm the dog, dogs that have it should not be bred as they can pass it along to their puppies.



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